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Our company was started 15 years ago after the founder had to renew his CDL license and relied solely on the CDL Manual to pass. Needless to say, he did not pass. Even though he had his CDL License for 20 years and had a vast amount of driving experience, the manual was just not enough. After he asked around, it appeared he was not alone.

This prompted him to look further into how and why so many fellow drivers where having the same trouble passing the Commercial Drivers License Test

After hours of research, the conclusion was reached that about 75% of the states CDL Manual had not been updated in quite some time. In addition, the questions on the test were worded in such a manner that it was practically impossible to rely on the just the handbook.


A team was assembled to put together a software package that simulated the actual commercial drivers test that presented the questions and answers in the exact same manner as the actual test.

We took it a step further and added the test questions in printable format along with an answer sheet for those that needed to study away from the computer. In addition, diagrams were added along with a DMV inspector sheet that can also be printed. After many customer requests, we eventually added user submitted videos to show others how to pass the Pre-Trip Inspection. For 2020 we have revised our app to work on all mobile devices!

Thank You For Trusting Us To Pass Your CDL License Test!

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