CDL Software Frequently Asked Question

Is your site secure? I have had trouble in the past using an unsecure website.

We take internet security VERY SERIOUSLY! If you look at the top of your browser in the address bar you will see that it is https secure. To secure a site it is like getting a Mortgage almost. Our company has to prove where we are located, we are who we say we are, and that we stay updated on internet security. ONLY then a security certificate is issued to secure our site! If the site does not have https in the browser address window...STAY AWAY!!

Which type of class of license does the CDL Test Software cover?

Our software covers the test and answers for every commercial license available: Class A, Class B, Class C, and ALL endorsements. This includes: Semi-Trailer, Truck, Dump Truck, Garbage Truck, School Bus, Passenger Bus, Tanker, Flatbed, Hazardous Materials. You have EVERYTHING you will EVER need to drive any and all commercial vehicles!

How do I know that the questions and answers are the same ones on the CDL Test?

Our company has a team dedicated to ensure our software has the same questions and answers that are on on each and every state CDL Test. Should you find a question we do not have on the actual test, contact us and we will offer you a full refund of your purchase.

I see a bunch of sites on the web that offer free CDL Practice Tests? Why can't I just use that?

Yes, you are correct. There are indeed many sites popping up with so called free CDL Tests. Use caution should you decide to rely on these sites.

If you look closely at the site you will see that it is just a sneaky way to get your information to enroll in a trucking school. We are not against trucking schools at all. Just like anything there are some good, and some we would call "shady".

Some of the free sites we have looked at are put on the web by a person with no knowledge of the commercial vehicle industry. They develop a site, throw in some questions, and hope you click on an ad.(They get paid for each click.)

Making sure you pass the written CDL Exam is our job. We work daily to provide you with current and up to date questions and answers. You WILL have everything needed to pass the very first time! We GUARANTEE it!

Can you describe the difference between your software and other sites that offer memberships?

We offer you CDL testing software that is downloaded instantly to your computer (Even if it is 2 a.m. in the morning). The software is installed onto your computer and even puts an icon on your desktop. It is yours to keep FOREVER! It is no different then purchasing a computer cd disk at the store. Sites that offer memberships are just that...a membership that is ONLY good for a month. To be able to use over the one month mark, you must pay for additional months from them. OUR SOFTWARE IS YOURS TO KEEP... ALL AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Am I able to study the CDL test questions and answers away from the computer

Yes, all CDL tests and answers are printable in addition to the computer tests. We have separated each test into printable testing sheets and printable answer sheets. You can take our CDL tests and then use the answer sheet to see how you did! We did this for every endorsement. You can just print and study on the go.

What exactly are the videos that you include in the test software?

You will get full access to the Pre-Trip Videos and for 2015 we added videos for each section such as how air brakes work, backing a combination video, hauling hazardous many more. These can be updated daily if needed directly from within the software. These are an absolute MUST to pass your pre-trip inspection.

How can you guarantee that I will pass these tests?

Our Team has spent hundreds of hours to get this right. We have access to the same database as most states do. Our tests are designed to simulate your states actual CDL computer test that are taken at the D0T testing center. You still must do work on your end by taking our tests until you pass. Combine this with amazing customer support and you have the best chance in the world to pass your very first time!

What if I purchase and take the actual CDL Test and find a question on that is not in your software?

First off, we TRULY BELIEVE we have EVERY question and answer they can possibly give you. Since State and Federal Regulations may change, we do not always get the changes as soon as they are enacted. If you find a question and answer we do not have on our test just contact us using the support email. Please write down the question and answer as soon as you get out of the testing station to insure accuracy.

Please submit an email to us telling us you found a question on the test that was not in our software and we will refund you fully. Even if you passed the test.

I own a transport company, can I purchase this to train my employees?

The CDL test software is for individual purchase ONLY! We are here to get you through the exam, but training your whole company with our low priced software is another thing. We always work with everybody to make this a viable solution. If you need to train several people we have an option for your company or school district.

Please email us at our support e-mail for more information regarding this.

How long do I get to keep the CDL Software for?

The software is yours to keep forever. Once installed on your computer it is there until you delete it. This is unlike any other company we have found.

Will the CDL Test Software work on a Mac?

YES! We offer a solution for Mac users.

Why do you have so many questions and answers compared to the actual DMV Tests?

Most people are under the impression that there are only one set of CDL test questions at the DMV office when you go to take your actual CDL exams. Unfortunately, it does not work like that.

For example, the actual Class A CDL General Knowledge Test has 75 questions. The way it works, is they will pull 75 questions out of a pool of several hundred questions in the computer bank. We have no idea which set of questions you will be we include EVERY possible question or topic available. That puts our General Knowledge Test at over 320 Questions and Answers!

This is how we can guarantee that as long as you are passing our cdl tests, you WILL pass the actual tests!

Does the Commercial Drivers Software 4.0 really work?

Well, let's start with the facts:

-We offer a 100% no fail money back guarantee!

-We update all of our test questions and answers on a continuous basis.

-We have the most accurate testing method using the latest computer technology that offers the most realistic simulation of an actual CDL TEST....ANYWHERE.

-You get all 9 CDL tests and answers for what others charge you for one. We offer actual software ...not some 3 month membership.

-Customer support before and after the sale.

We want nothing more than to see you pass your CDL Exam on your first try!

Pre-Sale Questions:

If I purchase the CDL Software how do I receive it? It?

Immediately after you purchase you are sent to the download page. You simply click run on the download link and the software will instantly be installed on your computer. You will have an icon on your desktop as well as in your start menu. It is easier then installing software from a disk!.

Will you be sending me a disk?

The software is for download only. Many of you need to pass the CDL Tests in a very short time and need our CDL Test software NOW! You are not in a position to wait for 3-4 days for a disk to arrive in your mail box. You will literally have the software installed on your computer in 2-5 minutes depending on your Internet speed and will be able to use the software immediately.

How long do I get to keep the CDL Software for? It?

The software is yours to keep forever. Once installed on your computer it is there until you delete it.

How many computers can I install the CDL Test software on?

You are able to install the CDL Test software on 2 computers. If you need to install on more than 2 computers, please contact us.

How long do I get to keep the CDL Software for?

The software is yours to keep forever. Once installed on your computer it is there until you delete it.