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Tennessee CDL Test Requirements and CDL Endorsement Test Info.

Do I Need An Tennessee Commercial Driver License?

Tennessee adopted the Federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986, and is part of a nationally uniform system of classifying, testing, and licensing commercial vehicle drivers.

CDL Endorsements are required for double/triple trailers, tanker vehicles, passenger vehicles and vehicles placarded for hazardous materials.

If you drive a commercial vehicle that falls into one of the following classifications, you must have an Tennessee Commercial Driver License (CDL).


A Commercial Drivers License (CDL) is Required if you drive ANY of the following commercial vehicles for hire ANY place in Tennessee...

  • A vehicle with a manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 26,000 lbs.
  • A trailer with a manufacturer's GVWR of more than 10,000 lbs. when the GCWR exceeds 26,000 lbs.
  • A vehicle designed to carry 15 or more passengers (excluding the driver).
  • A vehicle of ANY size or type which requires hazardous materials placards.

    To Be Eligible For An Tennessee Commercial Drivers License (CDL) you must ...

  • Take and pass the mandatory Tennessee CDL license examinations that apply to you.
  • Be 21 years old (18 years old if ALL of your driving is within Tennessee and you do not transport hazardous materials or drive double or triple trailer rigs).
  • Possess a valid medical certificate in accordance with MCSR regs. 49 CFR 391.41 - 391.49.
  • Certify that you do not hold a driver license from more than one state and certify that your driver license is not currently suspended, revoked, or canceled in ANY state, nor subject to any of these actions.
  • Surrender your current Tennessee driver license.
  • Provide proof of your identification.
  • Pay Tennessee CDL testing and licensing fees.


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  • About the Tennessee CDL Knowledge Tests

    You will have to take one or more knowledge tests, depending on what class of license and what endorsements you need. All Tennessee CDL applicants must take the general knowledge test. The table below will tell you what additional tests you must take, if any.

    Test Name Take If...
    Tennessee CDL Passenger Transport ...you want to drive a bus
    Tennessee CDL Air Brakes ...your vehicle has air brakes
    Tennessee CDL Combination Vehicles ...you want to drive combination vehicles
    Tennessee CDL Hazardous Materials ...you want to haul hazardous material or waste in amounts which require placarding
    Tennessee CDL Tankers ...you want to haul liquids in bulk
    Tennessee CDL Doubles/Triples ...you want to pull double or triple trailers


    Tennessee Skills Tests

    If you pass the required CDL knowledge test(s), you can take the CDL skills tests. There are three types of general skills that will be tested: pre-trip inspection, basic vehicle control, and on-road driving. You must take these tests in the type of vehicle for which you wish to be licensed.

    1. Tennessee Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection: You will be tested to see if you know whether your vehicle is safe to drive. You will be asked to do a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle and explain to the examiner what you would inspect and why.
    2. Tennessee Basic Vehicle Control: You will be tested on your skill to control the vehicle. You will be asked to move your vehicle forward, backward, and turn it within a defined area. These areas may be marked with traffic lanes, cones, barriers, or something similar. The examiner will tell you how each control test is to be done.
    3. Tennessee On-road Test: You will be tested on your skill to safely drive your vehicle in a variety of traffic situations. The situations may include left and right turns, intersections, railway crossings, curves, up and down grades, and single or multi-lane roads, streets, or highways. The examiner will tell you where to drive.

    What Are The Other Requirements For An Tennessee CDL?

    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require drivers to pass a physical examination once every 2 years. The main physical requirements include good hearing, 20/40 vision with or without glasses or corrective lenses, and a 70-degree field of vision in each eye. Drivers must not be colorblind.

    What Should I Bring To The Tennessee Department Of Motor Vehicles?

    Bring your current driver license, an Tennessee Department of Transportation Physical Examination Form, and your social security card. If your legal name has changed, you will need to bring the original legal name change documents (marriage certificate, court order, or divorce decree).

    What Fees Will I Have To Pay?

    Tennessee Commercial Driver License issuance fees are paid to the Probate Judge or License Commissioner at the time the temporary license is issued (prices may vary by county).

    Class A: $48.00

    Class B: $38.00

    Class C: $18.00



    The Congress of the United States enacted The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 (CMVSA/86) which requires that all of the individual states conduct uniform testing and licensing standards for all commercial drivers. It also established uniform standards for qualification, suspensions, and revocation. It requires that no commercial vehicle operator may possess more than one license. That license MUST BE ISSUED FROM THE DRIVER'S STATE OF LEGAL RESIDENCE. Therefore, if you are a resident of Tennessee, you MUST obtain a Tennessee CDL. Our CDL SOFTWARE covers the specific Tennessee CDL TEST.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a CDL?
    A "CDL" is a Commercial Drivers License. It meets certain "standards" that are the same for every state. it differs from the Tennessee "operator's" or "chauffeur's" licenses. It is required if you drive certain kinds of commercial vehicles.

    What do the terms Class A, Class B, and Class C mean on my Tennessee CDL?
    It refers to the type of vehicle that you may operate . . .

    CLASS A - Allows you to operate vehicles which tow trailers or other vehicles with a GVWR over 10,000 pounds. A Class "A" license also allows you to operate Class B and C vehicles.

    CLASS B-  Allows you to operate single vehicles with a GVWR of 26,001 lbs or more OR a gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 lbs. or more, towing trailers/vehicles rated at 10,000 pounds GVWR or less. A Class "B" license also allows you to operate Class C vehicles.

    CLASS C - Allows you to operate vehicles under 26,001 lbs. GVWR, that would normally not require a CDL; except when they are designed to transport 16 or more persons including the driver; or that carry 15 or less people (including the driver) transporting children to or from school and home regularly for compensation, or carry hazardous materials in amounts requiring placarding. Applicable endorsements are required

    What are Endorsement Codes and when do I need them on my Tennessee CDL?

    Endorsements are necessary for certain commercial driving requirements as follows . . .


    (P) PASSENGER. For vehicles which are designed to carry 16 or more people (including the driver); or those which carry 15 or less people (including the driver) transporting children to or from school and home regularly for compensation.

    (N) TANK VEHICLES. For vehicles designed to haul liquids or liquefied gases in bulk in permanently mounted tanks or portable tanks rated at 1,000 gallons or more.

    (H) HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. To carry hazardous materials in amounts requiring placards.

    (X) Endorsement code designating a Tank (N) vehicle that carries Hazardous Materials (H).

    I'm over 18 years old, but not 21 years old yet. Can I get a Tennessee CDL license?

    Yes. With restrictions. You cannot drive a commercial vehicle out of Tennessee. You cannot drive a vehicle requiring HAZ MAT placarding and cannot drive double or triple trailer rigs

    So let's say I get a Tennessee CDL. Can I use it Out-of-State?

    Yes! It is good throughout the entire United States.